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We have been livening up the market for 50 years now with equipment and systems bearing such well-known names as Soft-Pack®, Sabbia Med®, Salve-in-terra® or Rasul® and, for wellness, spa and healthcare facilities, we offer a repertoire which differs from the known standards. From innovative equipment to unprecedented systems, we reinvent the future in the wellness and spa sector time and time again. With the knowledge in mind: modern, medical wellness must have a holistic, tangible effect today. It's not just the body that should relax but the mind and soul must also wind down.

However, innovation is not the only thing by far that matters in this sector. Energy efficient, economical products and systems with sustainability are important. These essential aspects are also given top priority when planning, designing and implementing our services and products. And service is also an important factor for us. For us, cooperation does not end with the purchase of our systems or equipment.  

Kurland Spaworlds launches products on the market today that become the standards of tomorrow. We have already received multiple awards for this commitment, for example with the European Health & Spa Award for the best technological spa innovation.

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The name Kurland also stands for a wide range of natural skincare products. In this, we trust completely in the words of the Roman philosopher Cicero: "Nature is the best guide to living well." This quote has accompanied us in our daily work for more than 50 years. We know that Mother Earth is not only a perfect adviser, but also has a long and precious list of treasures in store for us.

Herbs, medicinal plants and flowers, choice fruits, rich moorland muds, high-quality oils, goats' butter or salts and algae from the sea: we have combined all of these wonderful raw materials with the latest technology. Moreover, we have many years of experience in creating effective recipes, an unbroken spirit for research and the strictest quality criteria.

The result is a range of products that can do an incredible amount. Improve well-being. Care for the body gently and intensively. Alleviate everyday ailments. Simply make life easier and good.

With Kurland, you can expect rich oils for blending at home as well as ready prepared oil compositions, cosmetics to suit your skin perfectly, added-value bath and care products with effective applications, such as our famous moor mud, hay and Swiss pine shaving packs. 

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Knowledge is power. Knowledge is capital. Knowledge means success. In the Kurland Training Center, professional groups from the spa and wellness industry can continue their education, learn about the latest findings from spa research and take the final step towards a professional qualification with our offer. 

Alongside classic courses, in which you learn a wide range of types of massage and applications for professional treatments for example, we also offer a range of special training courses in which the correct handling of our systems and equipment as well as the effective use of the Kurland products is the focus. Our offering covers a wide range of training courses for full body treatments and treatments for selected body parts. Upon request, we also offer special courses which are completely tailored to our customers' requirements.

Exciting workshops and seminars on topics such as skincare, marketing in spa and wellness or dos and don'ts in dealing with guests are likewise a crucial area of activity.

The Kurland Training Center has established itself as a wellness forge in the German-speaking market. Our courses – there are currently around 20 different events – take place all year round and generally last one to two days.

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